Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Eat this not that: ready meals.

So you finished work late (or went for a swift one afterwards) and the fridge is empty. Time to 
make the right choices at the supermarket stop-off


Save yourself 220 calories
Eat this Tesco Finest Chicken with Mushrooms & Madeira Sauce Despite being covered in a creamy sauce, this chicken breast is a low-fat and low-calorie option. Serve it with a pile of green veg on the side for an ideal late-night, low-carb feast.
Not that Tesco Finest Chicken En Croute These parcels are no bigger than a chicken breast and yet, thanks to the pastry, they pack almost three times the calories, along with 16g of sat fat (13g more than the chicken in sauce).


Save yourself 220 calories
Eat this Pizza Express Margherita If you must have pizza, keep the toppings simple. The tomato gives you a hit of antioxidants and the cheese packs in protein. Go for this supermarket version of the restaurant classic.
Not that Pizza Express American Hot It's still a pizza – but this one weighs you down with 90 extra calories. It might not sound a lot, but choose this just once a week and in 10 months you'll have put on an extra pound of fat.

Mash up

Save yourself 220 calories
Eat this Tesco Braised Beef & Mash Satisfy a mash craving in Tesco by opting for the braised beef main over the processed sausage version. You'll cut sat fat, salt and sugar in less time than it takes to pierce the film lid.
Not that Tesco Sausage & Mash Processed meat is usually a red light to weight loss, and these sausages are true to fat-laden form. What's surprising here is the sugar hidden in the gravy: 25% more than in the beef version.

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