Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Eat This, Not That: Junk food

When your only option for a closing-time refuel is displayed on a back-lit menu, use this guide to make your instant hit healthier.

Save 249kcal at Subway

Eat This: Chicken Tikka 6 Inch Sub
Tikka spices are weight loss champions, adding flavour and raising your metabolic rate without the fatty sauces. Don’t go undoing its good work with unnecessary additions, such as cheese or mayonnaise.
Not That: Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt 6 Inch Sub, Ranch Dressing
Yes, it looks 'fresh' and contains salad, but the cuts of bacon at fast food restaurants are fattier than the stuff you cook at home. Add to it some cheese and dressing and you are quickly making this unhealthier than your average burger.

Save 695kcal at KFC

Eat This: BBQ Rancher Burger, BBQ Beans, Black Coffee
When a bleary-eyed stumble from the pub finds you at the mercy of The Colonel, the Rancher Burger skips the batter and the fryer. Add low-fat beans and wash it down with coffee.
Not That: Toasted Twister, Large Fries, Large Pepsi
If you’re not careful Colonel Sanders will hit you with a truly belt-busting meal deal. The Twister actually contains more fat than the burger, and Pepsi is just a bucketful of sugar.

Save 755kcal at McDonald’s

Eat This: Double Cheese Burger, Six Chicken McNuggets, Large Diet Coke
Use your late-night pit-stop to pack more muscle-building protein into your day. Cut calories and fat by swapping salty fries for chicken, which will fuel your muscles for tomorrow's workout.
Not That: Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Large Fries, Large Chocolate Milkshake
The Quarter Pounder is essentially the same burger as the Double Cheese, only it’s harbouring an extra 50kcal. As for the milkshake: any benefit from its 13g of protein is swiftly undone by 500kcal, 67g of sugar and 7g of sat fats.

Save 326kcal at Burger King

Eat This: Two Cheeseburgers
While two burgers may seem indulgent, you’re actually saving a third of the calories from a single Whopper. What’s more, as it will take you longer to eat, you’ll likely feel fuller on the night bus home – and be less likely to dip into a Family Size bag of crisps when you get home.
Not That: Double Whopper with Cheese
Clocking in close to the 1,000-mark, there are more satisfying ways to curb your hunger for the same calorie budget. You’re best off skipping the Whopper: you are what you eat and all that.

Save 859kcal at Domino's Pizza

Eat This: Half a Texas BBQ Pizza (medium size, regular crust), Potato Wedges
Survive a late-night Domino’s stop-off by not attempting it alone. Split your pizza with a friend and grab a portion of wedges instead. You'll add extra variety to your meal and stay trim.
Not That: Mighty Meaty Pizza (medium size, regular crust)
The mightiest thing about this meat medley is the calorie count. It contains almost an entire day’s worth, along with 128% of your recommended saturated fat allowance. This could undo a week’s worth of gym sessions.

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