Monday, 4 February 2013

Drink this, not that!

Choosing the right cocktail will help you end the night with your physical goals and your faculties intact.

Drink this Gin Rickey

50ml Tanqueray gin
25ml lime juice
Top up with soda
114kcal, 1g sugar

Not that Gin & Tonic

50ml Tanqueray gin
100ml tonic water
146kcal, 9g sugar
The Fine Print In the world of cocktails, soda is water and water is soda. So a soda-based cocktail such as the Gin Rickey is low in sugar, whereas a tonic water cocktail such as a Gin & Tonic is usually higher in calories. Bubble accordingly.

Drink this Bloody Mary

50ml vodka
100ml Tabasco
Bloody Mary mix
118kcal, 1g sugar

Not that Vodka & Orange

50ml vodka
100ml orange juice
146kcal, 9g sugar
The Fine Print There’s no competition when it comes to these two brunch beverages. The Bloody Mary’s base is mainly tomato juice, which is much lower in calories than OJ. Your next-best bet is to swap out the OJ for lower-calorie (and more bracing) grapefruit.

Drink this Old Fashioned

50ml whisky
2 dashes Angostura
50ml soda
1 sugar cube
130kcal, 6g sugar

Not that Whisky Sour

50ml whisky
50ml lemon juice
25ml sugar syrup
Maraschino cherry
184kcal, 18g sugar
Drink this Irish Coffee
The Fine Print Despite its name, the Whisky Sour is actually loaded with sugar. If you’re the sort who’s partial to a whisky cocktail but don’t want to feel the guilt, switch to its sophisticated and much in-vogue cousin, the Old Fashioned.
50ml whisky
225ml coffee
1 tsp brown sugar
1 tbsp whipped cream
147kcal, 9g sugar

Not that Black Russian

75ml vodka
50ml coffee liqueur
192kcal, 8g sugar
The Fine Print By trading artificially flavoured and sugar-sweet coffee liqueur for real java and modest amounts of sugar and cream, you will conserve calories but end up with a far more decadent-tasting drink.

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